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They discuss the school gossip and eat fondue, when Brittany announces that Santana "plays for the opposite team," unknowingly indicating that she's lesbian. With Finn back as well, the group comes together to win Sectionals and get Will back. Mercedes also offers for Quinn to come live with her as they have got a spare room after Mercedes' brother is at college. She is also seen dancing in The Time Warp. This then turns out to be her audition for the school play. Projects In Development Dog Show. Tina asks Rachel after hearing from Kurt and Blaine about why she agreed to be their surrogate. After Quinn gets all of the Glee club a picture in the yearbook, while the pictures are taken Mercedes sings Smile along with Rachel and Finn.

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I'm His Child She is confused because she thought she was over Sam. While talking to Kurt in the hallway, they are both approached by the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline, Unique where Wade begins to tell them how much of a fan he is of Kurt and Mercedes and asks for their help on what to do for his upcoming Regionals performance. Artie, Finn , Rachel and Tina.

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Later during a Glee Club meeting in the auditorium, she states that she looks forward to seeing Rachel's children. When New Directions is having trouble writing a song, she tells them about when Sue threw sticks at her; this helps them write their original song, Loser Like Me. Marimar is a poor young innocent girl who lives with her grandparents in a hut on the beach by the ocean.

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However, when Tina starts to discourage and worry Rachel, she pulls her out of the Bushwick Apartment. DeShawn is skeptical, but Mercedes insists, telling him that it's the take she wants. But for what it's worth, Mercedes says she wasn't embarrassed and sends naked pics to friends all the time

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Mercedes also shows shock when Sue unexpectedly arrives, but she is bemused by Sue's motives. She is later seen in the choir room watching other performances, getting extremely emotional during Make You Feel My Love. Mercedes immediately rejects to having David , Azimio , and the rest of the football players joining the New Directions , due to all the slushies they were given and the way David bullied Kurt into transferring to Dalton. Mattress Mercedes and the rest of Glee club don't want their picture in the yearbook, however Rachel ensures that two of them get a picture so Mercedes votes for Rachel to be one of the two people. She explains that one day she sitting outside her car selling her album when a lady bought one, who gave it to Kanye West then he gave it to Kim Kardashian and then she gave it to Ryan seacreast and ended in Sony music and Mercedes go on meeting with bunch of rich dudes in Sony music. As Sam continues to talk about his modeling career, Mercedes worries of what her back-up singers would think of him. Runtime: 45 min 82 episodes. She decides to give McConaughey a chance, but if the dog causes any conflict, she wants Sam to take the dog back.

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Finn, Quinn , Rachel, Sam , and Santana. Malvina del Olmo 82 episodes, Mercedes also mentions her busy UCLA schedules and her back-up vocals.

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He heads to the back of the room, saying that his life changed in that room and learning about how the message of the lyrics of a song contributes with it. Sign In. Mercedes believes that they only split the part because they couldn't say no to Rachel. Will walks in, watching from a distance, beginning to cry again, as they all perform in sync, and seeing how good they are.

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