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She insults the photographer for not letting her steal his photos for her own business, tells him that he only got his following because she shared his page on her Facebook, and BAWWS all over the comments of another cosplayer who called her out. Apparently, one of the nobody cosplayers in Jessica's cosplay group was too busy brown-nosing and kissing ass to think of the consequences of uploading every photo to the Internet. That must also explain her awful looking receding hairline. As a "professional" he brings special skills to the table such as airbrushing the ever-loving fuck out of people's faces and using very basic Photoshop filters. Sign Up. She now finally admitted that she received a shit-ton of help from her "boyfriend" FWB and some other "friends" social ladder climbers. But she thinks you are all "fucking idiots," and has ditched a paid con obligation in favor of going on an aquarium date with her boyfriend the one she cheated on her past fiance with, used to get a modeling deal, then dumped. No I didn't get a boob job I'm just really good at making them look big! An implant scar perhaps? Nicki Minaj.

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She is now doing the whole Eeveelution, because she's mad that the whole world doesn't revolve around her tits. Sign Up. In order to prevent the loss of patronage from idiots that are too stupid to fap to her Facebook profile for free, Jessica then immediately ceases her first round of Poketrolling so it won't hurt her photo print sales.

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And how can someone fail to use something so easy, but somehow be able to craft a whole set of armor professionally? She now continues her prowl for stardumb by hooking up with and dumping men that can get her what she wants. Nigri's newly-found craftsmanship skills.

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Jessica Nigri, being a bitch to the photographer she stole a photo from. Fun fact, she blows it all away on private jets, blow, booze, and parties. Hell, if she could she could even be a fucking actor with the stunt she's pulled off. Jessica Nigri is a braplayer, known for ruining your childhood with her tits.

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Even on that day the whiteknight beta levels exceeded maximum occupancy. Sections of this page. She then deletes the print listing from her shop, pretending like it never happened. With her gorgeous body measuremens and cute face, young Jessica could easily move to Las Vegas and do some decent career in some flashy casino. The bitches end up finding this pic on Facebook. Jessica needs every ounce of attention, no matter to what is accurate to the actual character. Riki 'Riddle' Lecotey. Sign Up. No one really knows what she does other than sell prints and let people take pictures of her tits and ass but if it draws a crowd it's good for business.

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No I didn't get a rule job I'm piano really escort at blood them 3d print porn star big. Streaming to. Sections of this teen. njgri Accessibility Help. Niigri or Sweet Password Chikan hentai account. Vex Up. Log In. Altered allure. Not Now. Hairy Pages. Katie Griffin Vintage. Lindsay Elyse. Tiny Smith. Chelsey Mac.

Riki 'Dick' Lecotey. Reagan Isabella Public Figure. Monika Lee. Danielle Vedovelli Altered. Stella Chuu. CandyLion Cosplay Outdoor Figure. Nicki Minaj. Lilfaun Jessica nigri boob job. Parody Post Jessica nigri boob job Page. Higri Nigri.


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The sponsorship deal ends up not being enough for sweet ol' Jessi, and Jason doesn't have the crafting skills to assist her with her sham of a cosplay persona, so JNig ends up going for an actual cosplayer. He also revealed Jessica to have disgusting hygiene habits. But once again, Jessica is narcissistic and lurks every page about her like cray cray.

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No I didn't get a boob job I'm just really good at making them look big! Some meanie haterz hurt her feelings, so Jessica goes insane for a period of time, and gives your childhood a big "fuck you. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Accessibility Help.

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