Proper thermal paste application. So what is thermal paste anyway? (19 Photos)

Then, wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth. To make sure that the center is properly coated with thermal compound. Place a small amount of thermal paste onto the base of the cooler. This 'cooler' does just that, cools the CPU. Several solutions were proposed to solve those problems, including the elaboration of a new motherboard standard the BTX standard was created to maximize air circulation inside the PC and the launching of cases with ventilation ducts and liquid cooling systems. Yes, they're nice, Jericho - but you still have to pay attention when you're tightening those screws! Thermal paste is an important part of keeping your CPU cooler and running effectively by improving the thermal conductivity and helping to decrease heat build-up.

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A coffee filter makes a terrific, cheap lint-free cloth. Monitor Win 8 Pro x If you want to apply thermal paste to help your computer stay cool, wipe the surface of your CPU and your heat sink with a cotton ball dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

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Co-Authored By:. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Then apply it to the heatsink surface and wipe it off with a paper towel leaving that dull sheen.

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George Osborne. Co-Authored By:. A cooler is a general term for the heat sink and the fan that sits on top of it.

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Ive never had issues with temps, and this way works so its the on I use.. Check the manufacture date on the tube. Choose a good thermal paste. If you are planning on overclocking your computer, try to get thermal paste composed mainly of silver, copper, or gold. Google Loading If you do, the heat will not transfer properly from the CPU to the cooler, and the CPU will eventually get hot enough to cause permanent damage. Then, wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth.

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Thread: Proper Thermal Paste Application. I just use the tried and true method of spreading out a paper thin amount of paste across the entire surface of the cpu. Thermal paste can sometimes harden, which greatly reduces its effectiveness. Article Edit.

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That's why a lot of us use the dot method. The bead of paste should be smaller than a BB or a grain of rice. I'm sure there are other brands that do it the same way. I just use the tried and true method of spreading out a paper thin amount of paste across the entire surface of the cpu.

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